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Research Teams

Country: ROMANIA
Position/Affiliation: Professor/Lower Danube University, Romania
Subject in the Project: Port-cities of Romania

Constantin Ardeleanu is professor of modern Romanian history at the Department of History, Philosophy and Sociology of “The Lower Danube” University of Galaţi, where he teaches courses on 19th century Romanian history and the economic development of the Danubian and Black Sea areas during the 19th and 20th centuries. During the past years, Constantin has also been a long term fellow of the New Europe College, an Institute for Advanced Study in Bucharest, where he coordinates the “Pontica Magna” Fellowship Programme. Since 2016 he is a research fellow at Utrecht University, within the ERC project “Securing Europe, Fighting its Enemies. The Making of a Security Culture in Europe and Beyond, 1815–1914”, where he studies the European Commission of the maritime Danube and focuses on its contribution towards the establishment of a European security culture. His latest book is titled “International Trade and Diplomacy at the Lower Danube: the Sulina Question and the Economic Premises of the Crimean War, 1829–1853 (Brăila, 2014).

Constantza - Administrative Hierarchies
Constantza - Governors-Mayors-Port Masters
Constantza - Municipal councils
Constantza - Committees of the municipality
Constantza - Merchant courts of Justice
Constantza - Chamber of Shipping
Constantza - The consulates
Constantza - The consuls
Constantza - Selected consuls
Constantza - City plans
Constantza - Private and public buildings
Constantza - Hospitals-Sanatoriums- Baths
Constantza - Descriptions of hospitals
Constantza - Descriptions of sanatoriums
Constantza - Descriptions of baths
Constantza - Hotels
Constantza - Descriptions of hotels
Constantza - Prisons
Constantza - Authors-Travellers
Constantza - The hinterland of the port-city
Constantza - The maritime region of the port-city
Constantza - Organization and administration of Port Authorities
Constantza - Portworks
Constantza - Port maps
Constantza - Import and export taxes
Constantza - Port workers and port unions
Constantza - City’s cultural life
Constantza - Theaters / Cinemas / Cultural clubs
Constantza - Theaters’ history
Constantza - Cinemas’ history
Constantza - Cultural clubs’ history
Constantza - Communal organizations
Constantza - Greek community
Constantza - Jewish community
Constantza - Armenian community
Constantza - Bulgarian community
Constantza - Polish community
Constantza - Churches, Houses of Worship, Urban Monasteries
Constantza - History of churches
Constantza - Synagogues
Constantza - History of synagogues
Constantza - Mosques
Constantza - History of mosques
Constantza - Schools
Constantza - List of Schools
Constantza - List of organisations
Constantza - Merchants
Constantza - History
Constantza - Entrepreneurial families
Constantza - Biographies and activity
Constantza - Exchange-bourse
Constantza - Industries
Constantza - History of industries
Constantza - Insurance companies
Constantza - History
Constantza - Banks
Constantza - History of banks
Constantza - Railways
Constantza - Road transportation network
Constantza - Steam shipping and navigation companies
Constantza - Histories
Constantza - Postal network
Constantza - Telegraph network
Constantza - Public Services
Constantza - Statistics
Galatz - Administrative Hierarchies
Galatz - Governors-Mayors-Port Masters
Galatz - Municipal councils
Galatz - Committees of the municipality
Galatz - Merchant courts of Justice
Galatz - Chamber of Shipping
Galatz - The consulates
Galatz - The consuls
Galatz - Selected consuls
Galatz - City plans
Galatz - Private and public buildings
Galatz - Descriptions of buildings
Galatz - Hospitals-Sanatoriums- Baths
Galatz - Descriptions of hospitals
Galatz - Descriptions of sanatoriums
Galatz - Descriptions of baths
Galatz - Hotels
Galatz - Descriptions of hotels
Galatz - Prisons
Galatz - Descriptions of the city
Galatz - Authors-Travellers
Galatz - The hinterland of the port-city
Galatz - The maritime region of the port-city
Galatz - Organization and administration of Port Authorities
Galatz - Portworks
Galatz - Port maps
Galatz - Import and export taxes
Galatz - Port workers and port unions
Galatz - City’s cultural life
Galatz - Theaters / Cinemas / Cultural clubs
Galatz - Theaters’ history
Galatz - Cinemas’ history
Galatz - Cultural clubs’ history
Galatz - Communal organizations
Galatz - Greek community
Galatz - Jewish community
Galatz - Armenian community
Galatz - Bulgarian community
Galatz - Polish community
Galatz - Churches, Houses of Worship, Urban Monasteries
Galatz - History of churches
Galatz - Synagogues
Galatz - History of synagogues
Galatz - Mosques
Galatz - History of mosques
Galatz - Schools
Galatz - List of Schools
Galatz - History
Galatz - List of organisations
Galatz - Merchants
Galatz - History
Galatz - Entrepreneurial families
Galatz - Biographies and activity
Galatz - Exchange-bourse
Galatz - Industries
Galatz - History of industries
Galatz - Insurance companies
Galatz - History
Galatz - Banks
Galatz - History of banks
Galatz - Railways
Galatz - Road transportation network
Galatz - River network
Galatz - Steam shipping and navigation companies
Galatz - Histories
Galatz - Postal network
Galatz - Telegraph network
Galatz - Public Services
Galatz - History