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Research Teams

Country: UKRAINE
Position/Affiliation: Dr., Vice-Director of the State Archives of Odessa Region, Ukraine
Subject in the Project: History of Odessa

Liliia Bilousova is a historian, archivist, genealogist and philologist, Deputy Director of the State Archives of Odessa Region. She has graduated from the Odessa Mechnikov State University, and has completed her graduate studies in alma mater at the Department of Modern and Contemporary History (Ph.D). Working in the State Archives of Odessa Region since 1985, was a participant of international research projects with institutions of the USA, Canada, Greece, Germany and Israel. Her scientific interests are the history of ethnic and religious communities in the South of Ukraine (Greeks, Germans, Mennonites, Jews, Italians, Poles and others), history of Odessa and the Black Sea Region, archeography, archival sources, genealogy. He is the author, compiler and editor of a numerous monographs, reference books, archival guides, publications of documents. The main books are: Το γένος των Πετροκόκκινων: περίοδος της Οδησσού 19ος – αρχές 20ο αιώνα. (Χίος, 2007); Odessa Customs – 200 years (1995) with Galina Malinova; Greeks near Odessa: essays history of the settlement of Aleksandrovka from the ancient times till the beginning of the 20th centure (1999) with Igor Sapozhnikov; The Jews in Odessa and Southern Ukraine: History in Documents, The Late of 18th – Beginning of the 20th centuries (2002) with Tatiana Volkova; Fund 252: Оdessa Office for Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia, 1806-1850. Guide (Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, USA, 2001) with Vlad Buga; collective works: Greeks of Odessa: Name Index on the Metrical Books of The Greek Holy Trinity Church. 1799-1920 (Vol. 1-6, Odessa, 2000-2014); National Memory Book of Famine Victims 1932-1933 in Ukraine: Odessa Region (2008); Odessa Archives. 1920 – 2005 (2005), Odessa Archivists (Оdessa, 2015); Cataloque of Metrical Books for 1797-1926 (2012); Archives. History. Modernity. (2016).