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Research Teams

Country: TURKEY
Position/Affiliation: Professor/Düzce University, Turkey
Subject in the Project: History of Trabzon

Hamdi Özdiş was born in Ankara, in 1964. He graduated from Hacettepe University Department of History. He received his Ph.D from the same university. His research area is Abdulhamid II period with paritcular emphasis on provincial aspect of Ottoman modernization under Abdülhamid II, through an analysis of the relationship between of local notables and politics. His currently research area include Ottoman and European satirical magazines in the nineteenth century, economic and social history and banditry in the Ottoman Empire. Before joining to Düzce University he worked Ankara University, Bilkent University and METU as an lecturer. Since 2012, he has been with the Department of History at  Düzce University.

Trabzon - Legal framework – foundation ordinances of ports and cities
Trabzon - Administrative Hierarchies
Trabzon - Governors-Mayors-Port Masters
Trabzon - Governor-Generals
Trabzon - Governors
Trabzon - The consuls
Trabzon - Selected consuls
Trabzon - Road transportation network
Trabzon - River network
Trabzon - Press/Publications