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Country: ТУРЦИЯ
Должность/Место работы: Профессор/19 May University, Самсун, Турция
Тема исследования: История г. Самсун и Синопа

Mehmet Yavuz ERLER was born in 1968 at the town of Erbaa near Tokat; after undergraduate studies at 19 May University in Samsun he received an M.A. at the University of Manchester with the subject “Share-cropping regime in the ottoman lands (1300-1521)”. After completing his Ph.D. at 19 May University with the subject titled as “The famine and Draught in 1845, 1875” he began to teach at the same institution, where he is now a Professor; between 2004-2006 and 2013-2016 he was head of the History Department. He was also short while appointed as vice-Dean to the Faculty of Tourism in 2016. Interested in the history of ordinary people and some European notables, Mehmet Yavuz ERLER has studied outlaws in the province of Trabzon during the 1800s. He also has published on the environmental history of Anatolia and Cyprus, focusing on nineteenth-century floods, locust invasions and fires. He also has dealt with military history and has written a book on “The Military Observations where about the Greek-Ottoman borders in 1880s” and “Ottoman Military Modernization in Kuleli”. He is a scientific member (comitato scientifico) of the institution of Hilâl, Studi Turchi e Ottomani in Ca’ Foscari, Venetzia and also member of GTOT (Society for Turkic Ottoman and Turkish Studies). He also edits the international journal of “Studies of the ottoman domain (S.O.T.O.D.)”.