СОЛИДАРНОСТЬ НАШИМ КОЛЛЕГАМ В УКРАИНЕ. Черноморский проект – это проект коммуникации, академического диалога и научного обмена,
ученые вместе без границ: украинцы, русские, греки, турки, грузины, болгары, румыны, молдаване.
Нет Востока и Запада. Есть ОДИН МИР. Пусть война ЗАКОНЧИТСЯ
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Country: ТУРЦИЯ
Должность/Место работы: Assist. Assoc. Professor, University of Sinop, Sinop, Turkey
Тема исследования:

Tuğba KARA was born in Şiran, Gümüşhane. She completed her primary, secondary and high school educations in Ankara. Taking her undergraduate education at the Faculty of Science and Letters, Ondokuz Mayıs University, she got his master’s degree with her thesis entitled “The Transcription and evaluation of mühimme defteri numbered 170 (1185-1188/1771-1774)” at the Institute of Social Sciences of Ondokuz Mayıs University in 2007. Beginning her doctoral studies at the same university, she received her doctoral degree with a thesis entitled “Social and cultural life in the period of Ahmed III” in 2014. This study examines the social and cultural life in core İstanbul in the period of Ahmed III, using records of Religious Courts in İstanbul. Themes such as housing and settlement, districts, religious and social structures and, society and family life of İstanbul are evaluated in this regard. The use of religious court records and travel books is of great importance in examining the social and cultural lives of the cities. This study detects the geographical position of İstanbul and the administrative and social structure of the city in the light of religious court records and travel books. This enables the detection of core elements which formed the districts of importance in the city, which, in turn, enables us to follow the daily life in the period. Meanwhile, she worked as a research assistant at the same university. In 2014, she started as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Early Modern History, Faculty of Science and Letters, Sinop University. She continues her duty in the same university. Tuğba KARA carries out studies on the Ottoman History. Her main focus is social life, urban history and social life of the Ottoman History about the time of early modern.