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Country: ТУРЦИЯ
Должность/Место работы: Историк/Bilkent университет, Анкара, Турция
Тема исследования: История г. Трабзон

Kudret Emiroğlu was born in Trabzon, graduated form Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences in 1975. He had been working at a confedaration of housing cooperatives for five years before quitting to work as a free lance. Translated books from English, gave private lessons, worked as an editor in publishing houses. After starting giving Ottoman lesssons at the Foundation of History, he was appointed as Ottoman lecturer at Bilkent University. He is one of the founders and the executive editor of the scientific periodical on humanities “Kebikeç” which has been published semi-annually since 1994 and a member of the publishing board of the periodical “Trabzon” which has been published by the Foundation of Trabzon since 1987. Still giving lesssons on history of culture, literature, history of Turkey at Bilkent and the Foundation of History, he is the writer of many books and articles, among which are “the dictionary of the Maçka vernacular” (Maçka Ağzının Etimolojik Sözlüğü, 1989), “revolutionary days in Anatolia, 1908 August-September” (Anadolu’da Devrim Günleri, 1999), “history of our daily life” (Gündelik Hayatımızın Tarihi, 2001), “a short history of the Ottomans-Turkey, culture of the sultanate and the ideal of democracy” (Kısa Osmanlı-Türkiye Tarihi, Padişahlık Kültürü ve Demokrasi Ülküsü, 2015).  Among his Ottoman transcriptions are the year-books of the Trabzon vilayet (vilayet salnameleri) which had been published 22 volumes between 1869-1904.